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Happy to be a contributor to Kelly’s new project. Check the site here.

Punk Playlist-Various Titles

VSTR Gallery Opening

Just a few photos of the new VSTR shop opening in Byron Bay. Installation by photographer Ryan Heywood. For those of you who haven’t heard, VSTR is Kelly’s new line coming soon.

Photos by Urchin/Edward Davis

The Message Board | VSTR


The message board

Communication within a community is its foundation, one could argue that without communication there is no community, just strangers occupying a shared piece of earth. A true community can exist via communication alone, from handmade zines to online forums.



Environmental Initiative

A Modern Voyage with Ancient Creatures
September 29th – October 25th
California, USA

Lost Atlas: A New Film by Kai Neville

Slater’s Dream and the “Lost Atlas“, A Meandering Review of the New Kai Neville Film

By Bradley Corbett for Surfer’s Journal Magazine

At the 2011 U.S. Open of surfing, event winner Kelly Slater, $100k in hand, remarked that what had occurred over the course of the week was what he always dreamed surfing could be.

BALI: Barrels, Bintags, benchongs, and now there’s… 

5 Surf Films that Blew Dane Reynolds’ Mind – Surfer Magazine

Dane Reynolds has been blowing minds in film clips for the better part of a decade. His freesurfing rivalled any of his peers, helping to launch the global perspective above the lip into a realm of aerials and skateboard-inspired maneouvres.

Surfer Magazine took a look at the films that inspired the inspirational…
Photo by Todd Glaser



a post that was online…

a post that was online..

Dudes, I know this is gonna seem, like kind of off topic, but seriously, you gotta try this:

1) Go get (or download) a copy of The Drifter right now.

2) Go get (or download) a copy of Easy Rider’s soundtrack right now.

3) Cue up The Drifter right to the opening milisecond of the film.

4) Cue up the Easy Rider soundtrack right to the first milisecond of Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher.”

5) Prepare yourself for a super trippy and totally religious ride. (I like to prepare myself for such times by doing some breathing exercises and partaking in some Purple Cush . . . prescription, of course.)

5) Have good posture. Seriously, dude. You’ll enjoy the ride so much more if your body’s right.

6) Push “play” on both at the exact same moment. (I recommend using your left hand to push play on The Drifter while using your right hand to push play on the Easy Rider soundtrack. I dunno why, but it just seems to work a littel better this way. But maybe that’s because I’m a righty . . . wait, dude, I know you can say “lefty” but can you say “righty?” Whatever. Damn! Maybe I should have made this step “5″ and made step “5″ step “6″. ‘Cause, I mean, after you get your good posture then you’ll have to go and mess it up by pushing “play.” Unless you have really long arms, or you sit really close to the tube. Don’t do that, dude. Sitting too close to the tube isn’t good I think. I don’t know maybe experiment a little with switching up the order of step “5′ and step “6″ if you need to.)

7) Just watch and listen without ever pushing “Pause.” Seriously, dude. Trust me. Watch and listen until your machines stop themselves. The first time I did this I pushed pause right in the middle of “I Can See for Miles” while The Drifter was looking out over the Bukit and, well, I just blew it, dude. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Okay?

8) Wait a few minutes before you try to stand up and walk, ’cause you’ll feel like you just landed on the moon or Mars or someplace new like that.

9) Walk slowly back to your computer.

10) Log back on to the website.

11) Find this post.

12) Write me a “Thank you” letter.