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Castles in the Sand

sahara-010310-011sahara-010310-05sahara-010310-06sahara-010310-04As the neon apple dropped in NYC, Marlon Gerber, Mikala Jones, SURFING photographer Jeff Flindt and Taylor Steele clinked canteens to toast yet another successful reckless decision.
Sahara is not an easy surf trip. Turn-ons include camel kebabs, landmine leftovers and long hikes in the desert. Weather: the moment you’re not blazing hot, you’re freezing cold. Politics: four different nations maintain half-hearted hostilities over this barren wasteland. And none of them surf. Waves: totally empty.

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Thanks Denny (at for taking us over the border

introducing CASTLES IN THE SKY

Reel Sessions put on a launch party to introduce the world to our latest Sipping Jetstreams project CASTLES IN THE SKY. Special thanks to Kate Earl who played acoustic &  DJ Mathieu Shreyer for doing his thing.

The project wont come out till early 2010 but you can follow our travel updates at



Castles India

Waves are supposed to pick up soon. So we are filming some lifestyle and enjoying the culture. Filming in these Indian towns are crazy. So many people and such a tight area. Makes for great visuals and tiring days.


behind the sceenes photos: Nathan Myers

Todd Heater (DP) can’t make it now. Visa dramas.Mitch Coleborn (surfer) got his visa taken care of and is on the way.

Castles India

Heading over to India for Castles in the Sky with Rasta, Kalani and possibly Mitch Coleborn. We will update when we canindia_tajmahal_2003_06_252

Sipping Jetstreams

Vietnam. Iceland. Peru. Stop #4 happening in 4 days. Right now off to Los Angeles for a quick edit check for The Drifter movie. Then sip crew jet to somewhere really off the beaten path. The trip is for CASTLES IN THE SKY the follow up to the movie Sipping Jetstreams. I’m definitley looking forward to sipping some streams.

Castles in the sky: peru

Castles reshoot…  Rob Machado. Clay Marzo. Gabriell Villaran. 4 days. 1000 miles. South west swell…  Peru is a wrap. Two more trips to go.


Clay Marzo

drifter in the sky

Machado taking a quick break from Drifter editing sessions flew to South America with Clay Marzo and Gabriell Villaran for some filming for CASTLES IN THE SKYchicama

Castles in the Sky (iceland) part 1


It’s ridiculous stuff, I agree. But here we are, trying to surf while the wind and rain turn into hail and snow and so much un-godly natural fury. The photogs and filmers are fighting back tears of frustration and mentally calculating the cost of lost equipment while still trying to focus on the rare session at hand. It ain’t easy. Have you ever tried looking through the lens of a 16mm Bolex camera? Even in the best of conditions it’s hard to see anything. That’s why cinematographer Todd Heater walks around all day with his right eye closed just to account for the light change. But this fog and rain make filming surf virtual guesswork. Meanwhile, out in the water, Timmy Curran, Dane Reynolds and Dan Malloy are braving 40-degree storm surf, suffering frostbite and Shamu-death visions just for a chance to have a couple clips in Taylor’s “art of travel” surf film or Dustin’s “off the beaten track” photo book. And even if it’s still kinda fun, it sure as hell ain’t easy.

The whole operation’s forever on the brink of disaster. But, as a writer, I couldn’t be happier. My job’s never been so easy. Disaster and destruction; that’s great stuff for stories. My problems start when things DON’T go wrong. In fact — and please, don’t tell the guys about this — but if things ever do start going well, I might just have to go out and let the air out of the tires, hide someone’s camera or feed someone’s passport to a stray dog. Whatever I can do to keep it interesting. An anonymous call to the authorities. A midnight fire alarm. The odd Mickey in the drink. All in the name of “adventure” — just don’t tell no one.

Not that I should ever need to sabotage things. Taylor and D.Hump got making my job easy down to a science. Their recipe is simple: travel to places no surfer should ever consider visiting and document them in a such a way that every surfer in the world thinks they probably should visit it. So wonderous you’ll wonder why you went. So exotic you’ll poop your pants. So distant you may never find your way home.

It’s like science fiction writer Ray Bradbury once said: “Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.” (Oh we got that look down.)

Or what sarcasm-master Mark Twain said: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many people need is sorely on these accounts.” (As punishment!)

I carry these ass-backwards little travel quotes around in a little book just to antagonize people when the van runs outta gas in the middle of the desert, when the camera equipment malfunctions right before the super session, or when a stray llama eats the last PB&J for a thousand miles. “Cheer up, guys,” I tell ‘em, “Remember what Lao Tzu said.”

Perhaps the most amazing part of it all is that Taylor and Dustin still manage to pull it all off — in fact, the final product comes out so blindingly beautiful you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with every off-camera catastrophe it took to get there. And you won’t even know it.

“Those moments when you’re right on the edge of disaster,” says Dustin after narrowly surviving a glacier blizzard to end up scoring a world-class, never-before-surfed slab, “those are the times when I feel most alive.”

Hold on, I may have to put that one in my little book.

story by Nathan Myers

Castles in the Sky (vietnam) part 1

Filming for Castles in the Sky in Vietnam

by-Nathan Myers

photos by Dhump


They arrived after twenty hours of flying, blind with fatigue and dazed by the whirlwind of Asian neon and foreign crypto-scribble. A baggage delay. Two hours in customs. And then what? They stumble into the wicked-hot Saigon dawn to find an old Vietnamese man and his young son holding a sign with just one word: LOSNESS. He spoke no English. So they simply got in his car and rode along with him for the next ten hours. Ten hours! Straight into a Chinese New Year celebration somewhere painfully remote and disturbingly crowded in South Vietnam. Fire balloons in the sky. People and music and motorbikes everywhere. Dragons dancing in the street and deep fried dogs on a spit. Mike and Ally are starting to lose it. Meanwhile, Taylor and Dustin are straight out of Indian Jones. They’ve spent the last two weeks roaming the vast jungle mountains of Sappa to the north, drinking cobra venom and filming extreme scenics for their upcoming chaser to Sipping Jetstreams, called Castles in the Sky. The title says it all. Who surfs in ’Nam? Dustin and Taylor are convinced they’ve pinpointed a series of secret pointbreaks even Colonel Kilgore never dreamed of.


more to come…

ice edit

Editing for Castles has officially began.

Playing with an edit for Iceland first. Dane, Timmy Curran & Dan Malloy ripping new waves…

Dane Reynolds Iceland (dhump photo)

Dane Reynolds Iceland (dhump photo)